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For Good is an independently curated consumer guide to “more-than-profit” brands that strive to make both outstanding products and a profit, while also giving back to the global community.

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For Good makes it easy to make a difference.

A registered not-for-profit, For Good features companies that embrace at least one of these business models:

Who is For Good?

We’re a team dedicated to shopping with a purpose.

Drawing on her experience in investment banking, magazine journalism, and public service, our Founder and CEO Catie Marron created Project For Good to connect consumers with companies that prioritize doing good alongside doing well. She is Chairman of the High Line board, Chairman Emeritus and a trustee of The New York Public Library, a contributing editor to Vogue, co-founder with Nordstrom of a pop-up store where all profits went to good causes, and the author of two books on open space.

Project For Good is a team effort. Hanna Lamb, our Chief External Relations Officer, wears many hats in support of our mission, including researching and working directly with all Project For Good companies. The whole Project For Good team has put its all into developing and growing this site, and we are deeply grateful for the support and contributions of the many collaborators, friends, and family members that have provided the inspiration to bring Project For Good’s mission to life.

What is B Corp Certification?

We’re honored to have an alliance with B Lab, the nonprofit behind the B Corp movement, which sets the standards for businesses with a verified commitment to inclusive, sustainable, and transparent business practices.

When you see this mark on a company’s detail page, it means that company has met the requirements B Lab has set forth to earn certification. In doing so, B Corp aims to be to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.

Learn more about B Corporations at bcorporation.net.

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